Bird’s eye view for all.

Wanna see the world below you?

Now EVERYONE Can Enjoy the Freedom of Flying on His “Own Wings”

“Holy crap, I’m FLYING.”

Are you a sky gazer? Wake up and look up into the sky? Seeing an airplane trail gives you wanderlust?

Do you wish nothing more than to …

  • Hop on a plane, accelerate down the airstrip, then gently pulling the stick lets the physics take over getting you off the ground and all your worries are left behind. Yes!!!!
  • Enjoy the bird’s eye view over fields, hills, and villages, wave hello to the people. Hello!!!!
  • Discover and feel a whole new world that can only be seen by those in the air. Smile!!

… fly like an eagle?

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Bail out of your daily “busy-ness”

All your life you’ve been looking at the world from the ground. Often just a few meters around you, feeling like encaged.

It´s time for all to look at the beautiful world from above – a whole new perspective.

  • Completely detached from your daily grind
  • Where none of your sorrows no longer exist
  • Experience total freedom and get a real over-view

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Fly on your own terms

You want to regularly fly, but without the burden of all the duties and responsibilities of an aero club member?

Being behind the controls of your own plane gives you the freedom to…

  • Fly whenever and wherever you want
    …even if it’s just to enjoy a breathtaking sunset
  • Skip the ‘working time’ in the flying club
    … instead, kick the tires and light the fires
  • Commute in your own airplane
    …no matter what the traffic on the ground
  • Have a safe, reliable and simple aircraft available
    …with you always being the last pilot

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Having your own plane has never been easier…AND more affordable

If you think you must spend a fortune on a plane, you’re now proven dead wrong.

Enter Aironge Sluka. You can now get this single-seated deregulated ultralight homebuilt aircraft for about the same price of a motorcycle.

And this is what you can look forward to:

  • A cruise speed of 100 km/h
    …perfect for enjoying the beauty of the landscape below you

  • A flight duration of more than 3 hours
    …enabling you to reach even more distanced places

  • A modern stall-warning system
    …protecting both your plane and your life

  • The unique folding wing mechanism
    …making transport and parking as easy as pie

  • Comes as an easy-to-assemble fast build kit
    …automatically approved and certified

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Aviation for everyone!

Is he the Henry Ford of aviation?
Looping world record holder Uli Dembinski set out to make owning a small plane accessible to EVERYONE who wants to fly for fun.

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Wanna join the exclusive club of plane owners?

Now, here’s the fastest way to get yourself the Aironge Sluka.

  1. Register by clicking on the link below
  2. Receive detailed information
    about how you can get access to your own Sluka kit
  3. Sit back and pass the crew juice
    The kit will be delivered right to your door
  4. Work for fun about 80 hours
    then swing the wings and take off for the maiden flight

Yes, send me more information about the Sluka